21 January 2019

an initial letter

"a" is the initial letter of avex which is a big entertainment company in Japan, and it became a company trademark. This one is a front desk in their new headquater in Tokyo, and was designed their logo in 3D as if it was an art sculpture work.


During Tokyo design week last year, they put a huge installation at the lobby area in their building. Although I don't know the theme for the objet, its reflection was interesting and impressive.


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16 January 2019


Restrictions are always there when we design something, and it seems architecture is the same. Pictures below are the miniature mockups which the architect Tsuyoshi Tane had studied for his projects, and they tells us the challenge to fight against space restrictions.


He tried to create attractive space by structuring modules in many ways, horizontally or vertically, outward or inward.


Some ideas look fascinating, although there must be thousands of restrictions ahead when he realizes one of these.


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11 January 2019

green products

These colorful sticks are not chocolates, but rechargeable battery as its name suggests. The metalic green looks very fresh and attractive, although I don't know if it intended to imply ecology or not. The brand "eneloop" is originally designed by my friend who used be an in-house designer of SANYO, and it is owned by Panasonic now.


Here is another green product, the wooden chair from Tendo. The color is unusual in the market, but it catches our eyes.


These plastic containers are also in green, but they are matte. I am not sure if the color is the latest trend, but I believe these products would bring pleasant atmosphere in our room.


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07 January 2019

attractive staircase

Hiroshi Naitou is one of famous architects in Japan, and I like his works because the style make me feel similar taste of modern product design. Especially his staircase design is awsome, as in Toyama museum pictured below.




Another cool stairway we can see in the museum is quite long, from the ground floor to the top.



Here is his latest work for a headquater / flagship-store of Toraya ( related page is here ) in Akasaka, Tokyo, and it also has a nice staircase. The one below is to the gallery built in its underground.


And the way to the upper floor is slightly curved, and also has a nice wooden surface.


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02 January 2019

the man in the mist

Vague silhouette as if he or she is in the mist, and the black stripe emphasizes the depth which makes us feel confused. Very clever trick.


These works are by Terunobu Yanagihara who is known as a product designer. I think his inspiration is something special.


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28 December 2018

fire truck

This red truck is quite small and looks lugged.  It's hard to believe, but it is a mini fire truck. ( related page is here ) This car will be able to go through narrow streets or busy traffic in a city, and will work on rough roads, steep hills, even in the woods.


I don't know if the water tank has enough capacity for fighting fire, but it will work for the very first aid. The tank unit can be replaced to another module such as equipment storage or cargo box.


It's details are very functionally designed and looks cool. Do you want to have it for daily use?


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24 December 2018

merry illustrations

Lovely illustrations celebrate the Christmas time. These packages are for sweets shop, designed by Yoshie Watanabe ( related page is here ), the gray color is unusual for the season though.


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19 December 2018

knit tree

This huge Christmas tree I found in Roppongi Tokyo is knit by cushion-like soft materials. ( related page is here )


The skirt of the tree is used as a sofa on which people can sit or stretch out, even kids can climb up, although no one was there when I visited early in the morning.


When you approach it closer, you will notice there is a steel frame under the soft materials to support the weight and the height of the tree.


Another Christmas objet near the tree is big knots by the similar materials, placed along the street to celebrate the christmas atmosphere.



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14 December 2018

digital art

This huge white deer made of aluminum is placed in front of the old building in Tokyo. The popular artist Kohei Nawa scaned the real stuffed deer in 3D, and then created the digital model based on the data. The digital art is oftenly in 2D like CG or projection mapping, and even virtual works like VR/AR/MR are quite popular these days. This digitaly made sculpture must be emerging expression for a public art.


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10 December 2018

ducts mystery

You can see many ventilation ducts outside of the building. I can count eleven of them, that is the same number of the floors of the building. It seems the building was built recently, but any chance for architect to design them together? Or just intended?


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05 December 2018

good design lasts long

This boxy lounge chair has very simple structure, and the clever usage of the ply wood enables its back-rest flexible. The office of Kenzo Tange ( related page is here ) designed it together with the building of Kagawa prefectural office, amazingly approximately 60 years before.


Another good aspect of this design can be seen when they gathered in a row as pictured below. The shape of box makes them look alined naturally.


The semi-open shelf which is also done by them looks nice, although the green panel is a little old-fashioned today.


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30 November 2018

cut and try

Cut and try is the basic procedure of product design, but this designer visualized all his effort on the knife project.


His name is Keita Suzuki, a founder of the design agency called Product Desig Center. His exhibition was at the gallery in Kanazawa, and many kind of prototypes were on the table such as 2D print, 3D print, plastic, metal and so on.



And recently, I eventually saw the final product which was just released at a trade show. The brochuer is also nicely designed. Congraturations!


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26 November 2018

autumn flowers

Autumn flowers were displayed in a creative way at the florist. Very easy to compare and select, and a lot of fun. ( related page is here )


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21 November 2018

color of tenants

Unique exhibition was held in the old building which is about to be demolished. The event was on architectures, but the unique CMF proposal bsed on the types of tenants business.


I don't know the background of the concept names, but each color scheme has different target of tenants, such as bookstore, office, coworking studio, restaurant or bar.




These proposals were done by a design studio IIJIMA with a corporation with a real estate agent. I think this unique collaboration showed us a potential for conventional industries to create a new value for their customers.


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16 November 2018

stacked up

Asakusa in Tokyo is very popular place for tourists, although I really don't know why. This information center which looks stacked up houses stands out even in the busy commercial area of Asakusa.

This crazy idea is by Kengo Kuma ( related page is here ) who became famous after when his proposal was selected as the main stadium for 2020 Tokyo Olympic game.


This building has an information counter, galleries, a cafe, and an observation deck on the top floor. We can see seven layers outside, but it has eight floors inside.


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12 November 2018

tiny house

Cha-shitsu, Japanese tea house, is small but this one is extraordinary. It's a reproduction of the national heritage Tai-an which was built by Rikyu more than 400 years before and has only two tatami mat room. I had a chance to enter and feel the space inside of this temporary built house for an exhibition with my friend, but I felt comfortable and spacious than I had imagined.


The room was quite dark since the sun light was controlled intendedly. ( related page is here )The picture below is one of the windows seen from outside, and you will notice even the shadow is also designed by this bamboo grid.


It is hard to see from this angle, but the thin gable is not symmetric and slightly leaned to the right side. It is said the house is designed from the inside, not from the outside. ( related page is here )


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07 November 2018

autumn flower arrangement

Autum is a season for wildwlower turns its color red. We can appreciate its gradual change of the nature, not only in a mountain but in a town. ( related page is here )


Bringing a part of nature into a home must be one of the essence of Ikebana ( related page is here ), and is not only for special occasion.



A typical autumn flower in Japan is Kiku, a chrysanthemum, which has thousands of varieties and is the very standard item of Ikebana.


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02 November 2018

black and white

This simple package in black and white is for rice, washed rice and rice wine. Clean graphic perfectly fits these natural products.


Another black and white graphic is for a promotional giveaway of a premium airline Starflyer.


And this lovely graphic is a picture book for kids, titled A BAT.


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29 October 2018

globe display

The gigantic globe display hanging from the cealing is the coolest feature of this science museum MIRAIKAN in Tokyo.


It is covered with thousands of OLED panels and shows current global weather. The contents are the keys for this kind of concept, but I think its dynamic visual works in this case.


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24 October 2018

bold pillars

This looks just a cocrete wall, but it's a bold square pillar standing in the museum hall which includes an elevator inside and a staircase around it.


You can tell it is not for supporting the roof or main structure of the building, but is just for up and down.


The picture below is a corner of another building in Hibiya, near Ginza of Tokyo, and it has a supporting pillar with a Greek column like pattern on its surface.


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