26 June 2017

rainy days

Do you have any ideas to make us feel fine in this depressing rainy season? This installation with traditional hand crafted umbrellas may help it, or make it worse? ( related page is here )


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21 June 2017

veggie gears

These artworks are images of cut sections of vesetables such as tomatos or cucumbers, created by a student of Tama Art School. Great works aren't they?



The picture below is the different art objet I shot the other day, but this kind of image of gears may be the inspiration.


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16 June 2017


One of the world's three great museum for dinosaur is located in Fukui where dinosaur fossils were actually found. The building was designed by Kisyo Kurokawa ( related page is here ), and the most of the facility is underground that implies the journey to the fossil world.



The only sunlight comes from a skylight above the entrance.


And the deep bottom floor is the Jurassic world, kinetically controlled dinasors are realistically moving and shouting in dioramas. ( related page is here )



Though many of the dinosaur fossils are replicas, some use actual fossils.



This small guy is one of the locally discoverd.


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12 June 2017


Kokeshi is one of a traditional folk craft doll of northern Japan which are made from a trunk of wood and painted in red, green, and black although they don't have arms nor legs. ( related page is here )



They have unique styles depending on the regions and charactors by artists, each have avid fans and collectors.



Some regional styles has bigger head with spinning circle lines on the top.


I love these non painted version of Kokeshi which look like objet of modern art.


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07 June 2017

tea outside

Japanese tea ceremony is not common any more in these modernised days and Westernized lifestyle of ours. However, it certainly remains among those who understands culture and the spirit. The product pictured below is an outdoor tea ceremony kit from Snowpeak, a Japanese brand for outdoor fittings and equipments. I don't think the product is successful in terms of business, but very meaningful as a Japanese brand.


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02 June 2017

Tabi slippers

Slippers are commonly used in Ryokan, Japanese traditional hotels, and their open heel style is very comfortable to wear with Yukata in the facility. Meanwhile Tabi, Japanese traditional socks, is only used with Kimono in formal occasions.

These unique shaped slippers for Onsen Ryokan have Tabi shape and material which suit Yukata garment worn in Ryokan. Great idea, isn't it?


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29 May 2017

universal style

I like these dishes with blue stripes because of its universal style which is between Japanese and Western, modern and traditional, and also positioned between design and craft. So that they can be for any kind of foods or occasions flexibly.


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24 May 2017

beauty to eat

These beautiful sticks are not pastels for drawing but chocolates to eat by a Japanese chocolatier. I can't even imagine its taste of the blue one, though.


Here is a salad plate by a Japanese chef served at the French restaurant in Tokyo. I felt somehow guilty when I eat this.


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19 May 2017

wood carvings

This wood carving hawk is a traditional folk art of eastern district of Japan, oftenly selling as a souvenir even now. Although it was chopped and scraped from just a single log, it is amazingly expressive but sophisticated.


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15 May 2017

natural fit

This miniature model I took at the exhibition is for the fine art museum in China which was designed by Kengo Kuma ( related page is here ). The architecture was thoughtfully planed to fit the environment where it is located; it naturally fit the slope and the roof tiles were gatherd from old houses in the area. We can't tell from the model, but the walls are also coverd by hanging tiles as widow shades which generate rich light and shadow effect in the facility.


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10 May 2017

playful furniture

This bed-size sofa is for a shopping mall in Roppongi, Tokyo. The colorful and playful design was done by Akira Minakawa, a Japanese fashion designer. Designers from different field always bring fresh air to the conventional industry. ( related page is here )


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05 May 2017

beer server

This is a beer server for home from beer company, which is to be provided as a beer delivery service. Its wooden handle is nice, but I don't know why it has so rounded form like this. Maybe it came from the image of beer bubbles?


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01 May 2017

arrangement of styles

The pendat lights on the ceiling at the hotel in Kyoto was nicely designed with Japanese paper, just like the Japanese umbrella. Their style seems to be arranged between Western and Japanese, or contemporary and traditional.


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26 April 2017


Here are wrappings for Coca-Cola, maybe for special campaign. It's very nice graphics to fit the shape of the bottle, although I don't know why carps.


And this carp graphic is very similar concept to above, but this one is for Japanese Sake bottle and looks more realistic.


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21 April 2017


This paper napkin suggests seafood is this restaurant's speciality. Black and white illustration reminds us Japanese painting, but the restaurant was French. Their foods were also good, by the way.


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17 April 2017


A fox has been believed to be a messenger from gods and have a special power in Japan. We still have many kinds of regional folkcrafts around the country.


I guess these hand carved wooden pieces are talismans.


And we can see them as gatekeeper sculptures of shrine instead of guardian dogs. This guy below is a little bit funky though. ( related page is here )


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12 April 2017

paper dress

These elaborated paper dresses suggest a potential of materials. ( related page is here )


Not only fashion designers but broader area of creators would have a chance to join this kind of activity, graphic designers, product designers, craftmen, architects or even engineers.


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07 April 2017


These stones on the wall are holds for sport climbing which was recently added to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic game program.


The picture below is a kind of new interactive game demonstrated at the SONY's event. It seemed to be based on the sport climbing but more visually effected by projected images and sounds.


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03 April 2017

built-in vase

Tiny vases were build in the top of tables at the restaurant I visited. Lovely idea, isn't it? The hole can be versatilely used for multi purpose like candle, and even a rolled menu or a check sheet. ( related page is here )


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29 March 2017

Japan emphasized

Combination of simple graphics and the usage of one point red make us imagine Japanese flag. Nosigner, or Eisuke Tachikawa, successfully applied this technique to several projects and made very strong message throuh the visuals. ( related page is here )

This one is a top cover of the govermental reports for global appeal of Japanese creativity by which he joined as a core member of the commission.


Here are for goods for babies, which proudly emphasized they are made in Japan.


And here, packages for cosmetics.



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