11 December 2017

share house

This is a concept miniature of an apartment house which has four rooms on the upper floor and a large sharing space on the ground floor. This concept was done by an architect team called ondesign, and realized in Yokohama city.


Each private room has its own staircase outside to connect the ground space. The neat platform of the staircase creates lovely balconies.


The ground space is also open to outside, wide openings are on every face of the house.


It could be for workshop, meeting space or clubhouse, even for cafe or gallery.



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06 December 2017

EV concepts

Every car maker appeals their EV concept these days, and Toyota is not exception ( from my another blog ). They say sensors hidden in the cocpit detect driver's behavior and emotion, then AI reflects the driving properly. The exterior design is also futuristic, although it looks like a toy for me somehow.


The compact version also has the similar function, the display on the front face is for communication with somebody, or maybe with nobody.


One of the trend of Japanese car maker is personal mobilities such as walking assist devices or wheel chairs. Not only Toyota but Honda is proposing the idea since years before. ( related page is here )


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01 December 2017

Big Site

Tokyo Big Sight is the name for Tokyo International Exhibition Center, and is around 20 years old now. The style of the buildings is a kind of the Post modern, and the convention center which designed like the inverted pyramids with titanium panels covered became the symbol of the area.


Its details are still futuristic even now


Recently they renewed the visual identity, the pyramid shape and the titanium color of the tower is applied to their new visuals.


They are neatly designed and look very sophisticated.


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27 November 2017

autumn in Kyoto

I found unique shape of holes on pavements of a street in Kyoto. And then noticed tiny red berries were dropped and blowed in the holes.


I don't know what they are, but must be tasty for birds.


And autums leaves, of course. ( related page is here ) Winter is coming soon.


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22 November 2017

autumn in Nara

When I visited my hometown Nara, it was the season of Kaki which is one of the typical autumn fruit in Japan. ( related page is here ) It is also well known for the famous Haiku subjected about together with Nara.


And I found another fruit, but I really don't know. A kind of citrus, maybe.


It was also time for autumn leaves to cover the ground. Winter is coming very soon.


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17 November 2017

floating hotel

A gigantic luxuary liner was at the pier of Yokohama port. Everytime I see this kind of ship, I think it's like a floating hotel. ( from my another blog )


It's hard to tell how much floors it has, but at least 10 floors can be counted from the distance.


Not sure where the massive liner is heading to, but it makes us sentimental as if we are travelers.


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13 November 2017

Nicola and Yayoi

Finally I had a chance to enter GSIX, new comercial complex in Ginza. ( related page is here )

The interior of the building is designed by Gwenael Nicolas ( related page is here ) who is a Tokyo based French designer. He created golden lattice panels which remind us Koushido of Japanese traditional architecture, and covered the open space in the way rising up to the right which has a good meaning for Asian.


Baloons created by Yayoi Kusama, 88 year old female artist, are floating in the space as a occasional installation. The geometric Asa-no-ha pattern ( related page is here ) on the Washi covered glass ceiling is also by Nicola. Very unique collaboration for the opening memorial.


Baloons have a shape of pumpkin with red dots pattern Yayoi always uses for her works. ( related page is here )


And other details of the interior are also sharing the same concept, rising up to the right.


Even the restrooms.


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08 November 2017


Ikebana, Japanese traditional flower arrangement, has many styles and schools. ( related page is here ) These works below are probably categorized as a kind of avant-garde style.


Some works are almost an installation of modern art.


Bamboo seems to be quite important material for the Japanese arrangement.


Some works were used industrial material. Really avant-garde.


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03 November 2017


POLA which is a Japanese cosmetic brand has changed their visual identity last year. I am not sure why they applied dots pattern for their visuals, but it looks very modern and suits their new POLA logo.


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30 October 2017

spiritual cabin

An architect Sambuichi made a installation in the museum of Kanazawa. It was a simple and compact cabin which creates quiet and spiritual space for meditation. This reminds me a Shinto shrine somehow, probably in the style of its simplicity or clean texture of the wood. ( related page is here )


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25 October 2017

super normal

This wood chair looks quite orthodox but has no flat surface at all. The super normal design was done by Naoto Fukasawa ( related page is here ) and manufactured in Asahikawa, Hokkaido Japan.


The design was realized not only by the latest CNC technology but also by the skill of craftsmen in the area. I love the sleek form of the arm rest.


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20 October 2017

autumn moon

Autumn moon is quietly shining in the night sky, and illuminates the scattered clouds from their back. Can you see little stars between them? This drawing looks very modern, but amazingly almost 100 years old. Very impressive.


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16 October 2017

Buddhist statues

Many of Buddhist statues in Japan are made from wood, and it is said that is related to the ancient nature worship. Some are made from a single piece of log, but the sitting figures are oftenly constructed from pieces of wood like this picture below.


And this is how their eyes were made. Yes, pieces of glass are mounted from the back.


Inso, ritual gesture, has many variations and significant meaning for each.





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11 October 2017


Few villages in Toyama/Gifu prefecture which have 100- 200 years old houses were resistered on UNESCO world heritage. The construction method used in those rafter roof is called Gassho-Zukuri, derived from the shape which resembles the way we pray with both hands folded.


The steep roof is thatched for allowing heavy snow to slip easily down in winter, and for shielding from the strong sunshine in summer.


The windows from the room were like this. It was very dark inside, though.


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06 October 2017

circle motief

A circle shape could be a good motief when we design the simple and modern products. Here is an information panel for Yamaha motorbike, and has a very compact form with a circle shape.


And it has another circle shape on its back, but a LED brake light.


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02 October 2017

classic SONY

This is the portable transistor TV by Sony which is almost the same age as mine. Its simple round shape is beautiful even now, although the matte gray color looks military gears.


It has a unique sun visor which makes strong charactor as the product for outdoor.


The handle is also an important element which is a symbol of the portable product.


A channel dial is on the rear top, and other controls are on the back corner.


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27 September 2017

straw works

Straw of rice and wheat used be everywhere in Japan, and people utilized it for their daily life naturally. Many of the works are appreciated as a folk craft called Mingei nowadays ( related page is here ). This lovely one below is snow shoes for kids, made by one of her family for sure.


And this beautifully built basket is probably an insect cage for children. It is too sad these amazing works are almost disappearing in our country.


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22 September 2017

random mirror

This random arrangement of angled mirrors is for a store display. I think it is a great idea to highlight the object, and has a potential to apply for another area such as products or furnishings.


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18 September 2017

power of handwriting

These are not wasted paper of writing mistakes nor by practising, but art works by Yuichi Inoue ( related page is here ). I feel a power of handwriting.


They are from famous poems or stories. Mistakes seem to be no matter for him, but how expressed must be his comcern.


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13 September 2017

not yet ready

The art piece at the museum was not ready to display yet, but I felt the different message from the way it covered and fenced in.


Another one weared a blue sheet. Only its toes appeared.


This big one was in the building, covered in the same way.


Only this guy was unvailed outside. It was by a popular wood sculptor, Atsuhiko Misawa.


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