21 August 2017

direction signs

This bold sign on the floor is for passengers to indicate the way to the departure gates in the airport. The plane looks as if taking off from a jumping board.


And this road sign is for bikers to run on the left side of the designated lane. The sign which designed the figure from the front looks curious, though.


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16 August 2017

flower curtain

Flower curtain? They are just artifical flowers which inserted into holes of the curtain, but looks very cool.


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11 August 2017

stretch fabric

Stretch fabric was demonstraited at the public space in Tokyo, everyone were allowed to touch and feel the smooth material.


The structure of the display was very simple but well considered both visually and tactilely.


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07 August 2017

new nostalgy

This poster looks 60's antique, but it's the work by YoshihiroYagi two years before.


When I stepped closer to it, soon I noticed it has rich texture by elaborated printing processes.


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02 August 2017

in and out

Inside-out concpt for a fish bowl, the water sphere is popping out of the surface. Fishes can swim in and out from the bottom.


And here is a reversed version, outside-in concept. An air sphere is floating in the water.


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28 July 2017

new retro

Tenugui is a Japanese traditional towel made of cotton for many purpose like hand towel, bath towel, wash cloth, dish cloth, or even a wrapping cloth. Pictured below has modern graphic pattern to fit our modern life ( related page is here ). Very good idea for both young people to know the tradition, and local industries to be supported.


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24 July 2017


This month is the 35th anniversary of Sony Walkman. The very first walkman pictured below has two headphone jacks to share listening music with a couple. Lovely feature isn't it?


However the design was not good enough because the basic chasy and conponents were based on the portable recorder pictured below, just mini plug and jack for stereo headphone were developed for the first Walkman.


The second model is much smaller and sophisticated ( related page is here ), and sold explosively.


And the following models are diversed, waterproof, FM radio integrated, skelton, solar powered, and so on. It was golden age for product designers.



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19 July 2017

dancing in the water

Does this graphic imply golden fishes? No, they are footsteps which were probably motiefed by some kind of dance.


How about these? Yes, they are fossilized fishes. They really look alive, don't they?


Are these golden fishes, then? No, they are birds, stamped art piece. They also look as if dancing in the water somehow. ( related page is here )


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14 July 2017

blue waves

This shape of fan is not common in Japan, but its wooden handle and the bamboo stand make the impression elegant compared with conventional one. The graphic pattern on the paper is called SeiGaiHa, one of the popular traditional pattern derived from blue waves ( related page is here ). Cool for hot summer days.


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10 July 2017


GSIX is a brand logo for Ginza Six, the latest commercial complex in Ginza 6-chome Tokyo. The logo was designed by Kenya Hara ( related page is here ).


The building is designed by Yoshio Taniguchi who is famous for his cool modern style ( related page is here ). The facade of the building was quite modern and simple, but the graphical combination of the texture was very attractive. The four bottom layers are for the tenants on the groung floor, indicates the charactor of each brands just like Japanese Noren, a shop curtain ( related page is here ). I just passed through the front of this facility since I didn't have enough time at that time, I shall check the inside next time.


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05 July 2017

butterfly stool

Butterfly stool is well known furniture which is plywood molded with elegant curve designed by Sori Yanagi in 1950's ( related page is here ). The beautiful shape is constructed only from two ply wood parts and a single steel rod with screws.

As in the picture below, the thin cushions that use Yanagi designed fabric are optionally available. However I confess that the shape of the stool makes my butt hurt when I sit even on the cushion, though.


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30 June 2017

floating metal

These are modern art works hanging in Narita airport which are probably made of perforated sheets of metal. I love especially the contemporary use of colors, beautifully shining and reflecting environment around them. Does anyone know it is by whom?


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26 June 2017

rainy days

Do you have any ideas to make us feel fine in this depressing rainy season? This installation with traditional hand crafted umbrellas may help it, or make it worse? ( related page is here )


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21 June 2017

veggie gears

These artworks are images of cut sections of vesetables such as tomatos or cucumbers, created by a student of Tama Art School. Great works aren't they?



The picture below is the different art objet I shot the other day, but this kind of image of gears may be the inspiration.


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16 June 2017


One of the world's three great museum for dinosaur is located in Fukui where dinosaur fossils were actually found. The building was designed by Kisyo Kurokawa ( related page is here ), and the most of the facility is underground that implies the journey to the fossil world.



The only sunlight comes from a skylight above the entrance.


And the deep bottom floor is the Jurassic world, kinetically controlled dinasors are realistically moving and shouting in dioramas. ( related page is here )



Though many of the dinosaur fossils are replicas, some use actual fossils.



This small guy is one of the locally discoverd.


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12 June 2017


Kokeshi is one of a traditional folk craft doll of northern Japan which are made from a trunk of wood and painted in red, green, and black although they don't have arms nor legs. ( related page is here )



They have unique styles depending on the regions and charactors by artists, each have avid fans and collectors.



Some regional styles has bigger head with spinning circle lines on the top.


I love these non painted version of Kokeshi which look like objet of modern art.


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07 June 2017

tea outside

Japanese tea ceremony is not common any more in these modernised days and Westernized lifestyle of ours. However, it certainly remains among those who understands culture and the spirit. The product pictured below is an outdoor tea ceremony kit from Snowpeak, a Japanese brand for outdoor fittings and equipments. I don't think the product is successful in terms of business, but very meaningful as a Japanese brand.


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02 June 2017

Tabi slippers

Slippers are commonly used in Ryokan, Japanese traditional hotels, and their open heel style is very comfortable to wear with Yukata in the facility. Meanwhile Tabi, Japanese traditional socks, is only used with Kimono in formal occasions.

These unique shaped slippers for Onsen Ryokan have Tabi shape and material which suit Yukata garment worn in Ryokan. Great idea, isn't it?


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29 May 2017

universal style

I like these dishes with blue stripes because of its universal style which is between Japanese and Western, modern and traditional, and also positioned between design and craft. So that they can be for any kind of foods or occasions flexibly.


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24 May 2017

beauty to eat

These beautiful sticks are not pastels for drawing but chocolates to eat by a Japanese chocolatier. I can't even imagine its taste of the blue one, though.


Here is a salad plate by a Japanese chef served at the French restaurant in Tokyo. I felt somehow guilty when I eat this.


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