19 October 2018

copper wall

This shiny wall is a facade of Japanese restaurant located in Asakua, Tokyo. The surface is covered with sheets of copper which is used for roof of traditional Japanese houses in some cases. It will change its color through years, aged and wethered, but is also a part of its appreciation.

Neon signs must be cool when they are lit on at night. However, I'm afraid of touching the metal wall by hand, knowing electrical shock will never happen though...


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15 October 2018


VR is enjoyable. It surely has a potential to be the next major entertainment or business solutions, however it looks funny when we see them from this real world. In that context, this art thinking prototype may be counterview of the latest technology.


His son also seems to be immersed in another world.


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10 October 2018

bold dots

Here are unique graphics for a advertising poster, which have bold dot layout.


This one has retro impression, but is simply composed only with dots and thin lines.


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05 October 2018

house to go

Snow Peak ( related page is here ) is known as a manufacturer of camping outfits, and I had a chance to visit their headquater in Niigata. It is in the remote area out of a town and has extensive space where was formerly a cattle ranch. The building was cool enough to attract designers to work there, and experimental facilities which includes camping chair/tables for working is inspiring. They also runs a campground next to their office having a close communication with their customers.


They also have a mobile house, a trailer home in common English, both for staying and selling. It was designed by a popular architect Kengo Kuma ( related page is here ).


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01 October 2018


This looks fine lace, but it's a sheet of paper which is precisely cut out by laser.


One of its application idea is a chocolate package. This elegant idea is done by Kenya Hara. ( related page is here )


And this needle work by female designer is amazingly using paper thread which is probably made by hand yarned. Just amazing.


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26 September 2018

lattice facade

This building looks rugged as if it was a fortress or something, but it is a small commercial complex designed by Toyo Ito ( related page is here ).


The lattice facade makes it look protected, however it is uniquely contrasted with silver bottom and wooden top. You can also see the balcony on the silver part where restaurants and shops are there.


The curved bench placed around green is another nice feature, it makes the environment friendly.


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21 September 2018

Kiyoshi Seike

Kiyoshi Seike is an architect who was active in 1950's - 1980's. Pictures below are the reproductions of furniture he designed together with a private house in 1952. The wooden chest is accessible from both side that works as a space divider in the room. The design is very modern even now and looks like a miniature of architecture.


The Shoji sliding screens are also designed in modern way, floor to cieling format makes it simple and clean.


And here is the original concept for Tatami mats which floats on the floor and is movable.


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17 September 2018


Samiro Yunoki is a 95 yrs old artist who is still active for his stencil dyeing. I love his modern graphical works with the Japanese traditional way.

His latest drawings on papers were shown in Tokyo and it was fantastic.


These alphabet inspired graphic is a lot of fun.


Are these also alphabets? Who knows, it's an art.



And this one reminds me some Kanji characters of Syo, an art of Japanese calligraphy. ( related page is here )


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12 September 2018

laughing dog

This dog is not laughing but threatening. This cute dog is Koma-Inu, or usually transrated a lion dog, a pair statue of guardian creature which is usually placed in front of a shrine ( related page is here ).

You will notice this one is made out of a single log to see its growth rings on his face. I guess this was not made by a professional but by a farmer or a village folk for his pure worship.


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07 September 2018


Tokyo Skytree was built for digital broadcasting which covers all Tokyo and its suburb area, and is the tallest tower in the world so far.


It has observation decks at 350m and 450m height, although it requires 3,500 Yen for the top floor.


And a huge, or I should say long, shopping mall is on the bottom alongside the river. In this picture, you will notice the shape of the tower is not a simple corn shape. Yes, the cross-section of the tower forms a triangle on the ground and is gradually rounding to become circular at the obsevation deck.


It has a complicated structure to support heavy decks and broadcasting equipments high above, and to endure the possible strong wind or earthquake.


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03 September 2018


Building Pla-models, a kit of plastic scale models, was a common hobby for many of boys when I was a kid. Now it seems become a hobby for middle aged guys as we get older. And the quality of the moldig is getting nicer as a precision injection molding and 3D technology advanced.


Here is a model of UK bomer during WW2, and it has amazing detail such as a cockpit in the window glass or engines in the cover hoods. Wow, I want to have it, not assembling by myself but the built one...


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29 August 2018

Tokyo graphics

This poster is simply saying "I'm living in Tokyo" and the graphic is shaped after a night scene of urban buildings, possibly apartments or office towers densely buitup. Very cool, isn't it?


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24 August 2018

heavy metal

This old wooden drawer has heavily reinforced by the thick metal parts with bold rivets.


This one below is also heavily reinforced, and its decoration is uniquely elaborated. We can see also some locks on each drawer/door, and they tell us this one used to be for valuables.


Here is another example of heavy metal usage, but this is a gigantic door of castle I saw in Kyoto.


By the way, here is a door decoration I saw in Paris. Quite different, isn't it?


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20 August 2018


Imagine cardboards in our life were like these colorful. Isn't it nice?

The Japanese design unit called DRILL DESIGN proposed these ideas for a paper company, and exposed at the show held in Tokyo last month.


This big block of the sample is worth to appreciate the detail of the sandwich structure. I just wanted to have it.


The wave part has somme color test and showed the sample at the show.


And so did the shape investigation like this cylinder. Very attractive.


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15 August 2018

summer graphics

Here are some graphics for hot summer days of Japan. Sunflower and morning glory are typical garden plants we used to seed and care during summer holiday when we were kids, so that we feel a kind of nostalgy to see even these simple graphics.


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10 August 2018


This botanical specimen is beautifully resin filled and the package says; Mt. Takao has about 1600 plant species grow wild, comparable to the species throughout the UK. Wow, what a diversity. Nippon Design Center which is led by Kenya Hara ( related page is here ) designed this.


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06 August 2018

wooden tank

Wooden tanks are used only for limited purpose such as soy souce or wine manufacturing process in Japan, not like water tanks for daily life as we can see on the roof tops of the old buildings in New York.

Here is a very newly built wooden water tank I saw at the hot spring facility near Kanazawa, and it was still smelling fragrant of wood.


The surface was amazingly smooth, and zero gaps between the wood boards of course. Many metal wires were used as the hoops, and I guess these are only fastening to build this wooden structure. I heard that the wooden tannks are so flexible that they endures the earthquake and cause few damages.


Nihon Mokusou is the name of the company and their logo was engraved on the wire clips. I learned their headquater is in Yokohama and only walk distance from my appartment.


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01 August 2018

long legs

Long slender legs were everywhere oddly in the 21st century museum of contemporary art. These were temporary installation by a Japanese artist.



This building was designed by SANAA and has thin pillars as in many of their works. This artist must notice its character and tried to emphasize it by trauser costumed for this installation.


Sneakers must be pain to install, though.


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27 July 2018

street art

Is this a street art? No, but I guess this is a part of drawing for engineers to confirm the pipes under the ground.

Actually underground must be busy for many kinds of pipes such as gas, water, sewage, and cables of electricty or networks. So that each engineers have to be careful when they dig their pipes out, which pipes are where in 3D way. I hope AR technology will help them in near future, though.


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23 July 2018

air bonsai

Bonsai, a japanese art of miniauture plant, is quite difficult to cultivate for beginners and very expensive if you buy it. So here is an air inflated bonsai for those who want to own it easily.


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