15 August 2018

summer graphics

Here are some graphics for hot summer days of Japan. Sunflower and morning glory are typical garden plants we used to seed and care during summer holiday when we were kids, so that we feel a kind of nostalgy to see even these simple graphics.


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10 August 2018


This botanical specimen is beautifully resin filled and the package says; Mt. Takao has about 1600 plant species grow wild, comparable to the species throughout the UK. Wow, what a diversity. Nippon Design Center which is led by Kenya Hara ( related page is here ) designed this.


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06 August 2018

wooden tank

Wooden tanks are used only for limited purpose such as soy souce or wine manufacturing process in Japan, not like water tanks for daily life as we can see on the roof tops of the old buildings in New York.

Here is a very newly built wooden water tank I saw at the hot spring facility near Kanazawa, and it was still smelling fragrant of wood.


The surface was amazingly smooth, and zero gaps between the wood boards of course. Many metal wires were used as the hoops, and I guess these are only fastening to build this wooden structure. I heard that the wooden tannks are so flexible that they endures the earthquake and cause few damages.


Nihon Mokusou is the name of the company and their logo was engraved on the wire clips. I learned their headquater is in Yokohama and only walk distance from my appartment.


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01 August 2018

long legs

Long slender legs were everywhere oddly in the 21st century museum of contemporary art. These were temporary installation by a Japanese artist.



This building was designed by SANAA and has thin pillars as in many of their works. This artist must notice its character and tried to emphasize it by trauser costumed for this installation.


Sneakers must be pain to install, though.


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27 July 2018

street art

Is this a street art? No, but I guess this is a part of drawing for engineers to confirm the pipes under the ground.

Actually underground must be busy for many kinds of pipes such as gas, water, sewage, and cables of electricty or networks. So that each engineers have to be careful when they dig their pipes out, which pipes are where in 3D way. I hope AR technology will help them in near future, though.


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23 July 2018

air bonsai

Bonsai, a japanese art of miniauture plant, is quite difficult to cultivate for beginners and very expensive if you buy it. So here is an air inflated bonsai for those who want to own it easily.


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18 July 2018

amazing prototypes

The exhibition by the engineering laboratory of Tokyo University was held at their facility near Shibuya last month. The title of the show was Parametric Move, the prototypes of their resaerch project on movement were shown. This one below has a single micro motor with one time 3D-printed structure, and perfectry crawls around like a centipede. ( related page is here )


Thin nylon structure makes dynamic movement which changes its outline of the shape. I could not stop watching this for a while.


This prototype has flexible feet and makes elastic motion.


Amazing work is this SEER; Simulative Emotional Expression Robot by an artist Takayuki Fujido. The head moves toward a visitor and its eye contact was perfect due to its precise face tracking by a camera. Although the face only has a subtle movement of eyeballs, eyelids and eyebrows, it has surprisingly various expressions as if it has emotions.


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13 July 2018

bamboo package

This is the special package for single malt whisky called Yamazaki which is named after the place of the oldest distillery in Japan. I don't know how functionally this bamboo package really works, but it must be visually effective to appeal Japanese product and to emphasize it be manufactured carefully.


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09 July 2018

Yayoi world

How many times have I posted articles about Yayoi Kusama before? Such as here, here, here, and here. But let me show you another one below, please.

This is a museum in Matsumoto where beautiful mountains surrounded and is also Yayoi's birthplace. Her gigantic works were in front of the entrance as if they are proud of her worldwide success.


Her exhibition was held in there when I visited last month.


Outside of the museum was also her canvas.


And the vending machines are not exception.


This Cola would cause you a mind-blow when after you drink.


I think branding team of Coca-Cola is very generous for artists.


The bench and the trash box were also dotted, of couse. Why not? This is Yayoi world.


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04 July 2018

blind spots

When you are on a driving seat in a car, you will have some blind spots in your vision range even in mirrors as you know. So that you can not see any of the wireworks pictured below from the seat.



These works were elaboratedly constructed and woven by an artist.


At the drivers seat, however, you can tell there's something on the monitor in the console captured by external cameras, and then notice what the shape means when you see them on the birdview monitor on the left.


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29 June 2018

wild flowers

Wild flowers could be a perfect material for Ikebana, flower arrangement. ( related page is here )


Not gorgeous but just brought a quiet part of nature, so that we can feel the beauty of the season in a house.


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25 June 2018

tree house

This is a concept mockup for a house by Kengo Kuma ( related page is here ). It must be exciting to live in such a house, like living in a tree house.


Only its drawback is up and down, not barrier free at all, however it is definitely a fun part of the concept. I don't know how he solves this for the actual project, though.


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20 June 2018


The holly Budda footprint I found in the ruined temple in Nara had wheels of Darma. I don't know how old it acutually is, but the engraved lines on the stone were clear and beautiful.


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15 June 2018

pattern on buildings

The constructing building near Shibuya station has complicated pattern on its surface. The panels look like window shutters but they are seemed to be just for decoration, not functional. The headquater of Google Japan will be moved in this building soon, by the way.


This one below is a building in front of Nagoya station, and also has unique gradation pattern with thin elements. I have no idea these are the latest trend in architecture or not. ( related page is here )


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11 June 2018


Pumpkin is a symbolic motif of Yayoi Kusama's works, and this one installed in the courtyard of Matsumoto city museum was huge, clean and expressive. ( related page is here )


You can notice how small dots are elaborately painted in its detail when you approach it closer. But be careful, you will feel dizzy if you stare it too much. I don't think these are 90 or so year old lady's handpainted, but the unique style of the expression is definitely her own. Just amazing.


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06 June 2018


Rainy season is coming in Japan. Here are ancient raincoats, or poncho in accurate, that are hand made with natural materials. This one below is made of straw which is very versatile and easy to get material for farmers. ( related page is here )


This one is made of Syuro, something like hairly hemps which cover the trunk of the palm tree. I guess this is from southern district.


This may be winter coat especially for heavy snow. I'm not sure the material, but the brown one looks cypress barks.


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01 June 2018

nodate coffee

Want to have a coffee outside? Like Nodate, open air tea ceremony? Then, here is a set of portable coffee maker from Snow Peak, the very popular Japanese brand for camping outfit. The company was originally for metal wares, so that they are very good at such kind of products. The coffee mill on the left hand side is so compact that it looks like the one for pepper, and the coolest one is the metal dripper which looks so mechancal.  ( related page is here )


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28 May 2018


These look normal bike,  but they are acutually e-bikes from BESV, one of a BenQ group company. Their stylish design is well engineered, the power drive unit is quite compact and the bold frame is made of carbon fiber. It has smartphone connection of course, and can operate the system or record driving. Cool, isn't it?


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23 May 2018

Kanji character

This wooden plate in front of the temple gate is saying 碧巌録提唱 which means to study Kongan-Roku, one of the old Buddhist scriptures. The style of the hand writing is so unique that even Japanese can hardly read it, though.


How about this graphic poster? It looks Kanji character something like 月尺日月, but is alphabet which can read AREA. Strange?


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18 May 2018

Shiro Satsuma

Satsuma ware is a type of Japanese pottery originally from Satsuma province in Kyusyu island of Japan. I don't like its decorated version, but the white glazed one called Shiro Satsuma is just beautiful. Since it was for daily use of Samurai life, the design is simple and sophisticated. The picture below is an antique Shiro Satsuma teapot I shot at the exhibition, and you can see its micro cracks on the surface of the glaze which is one of the characteristic of the pottery.


This one below is also an antique Shiro Satsuma I take in different place. I think this one is a Sake server, but no idea of the reason for its unique geometric form like Tofu.


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