20 October 2017

autumn moon

Autumn moon is quietly shining in the night sky, and illuminates the scattered clouds from their back. Can you see little stars between them? This drawing looks very modern, but amazingly almost 100 years old. Very impressive.


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16 October 2017

Buddhist statues

Many of Buddhist statues in Japan are made from wood, and it is said that is related to the ancient nature worship. Some are made from a single piece of log, but the sitting figures are oftenly constructed from pieces of wood like this picture below.


And this is how their eyes were made. Yes, pieces of glass are mounted from the back.


Inso, ritual gesture, has many variations and significant meaning for each.





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11 October 2017


Few villages in Toyama/Gifu prefecture which have 100- 200 years old houses were resistered on UNESCO world heritage. The construction method used in those rafter roof is called Gassho-Zukuri, derived from the shape which resembles the way we pray with both hands folded.


The steep roof is thatched for allowing heavy snow to slip easily down in winter, and for shielding from the strong sunshine in summer.


The windows from the room were like this. It was very dark inside, though.


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06 October 2017

circle motief

A circle shape could be a good motief when we design the simple and modern products. Here is an information panel for Yamaha motorbike, and has a very compact form with a circle shape.


And it has another circle shape on its back, but a LED brake light.


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02 October 2017

classic SONY

This is the portable transistor TV by Sony which is almost the same age as mine. Its simple round shape is beautiful even now, although the matte gray color looks military gears.


It has a unique sun visor which makes strong charactor as the product for outdoor.


The handle is also an important element which is a symbol of the portable product.


A channel dial is on the rear top, and other controls are on the back corner.


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27 September 2017

straw works

Straw of rice and wheat used be everywhere in Japan, and people utilized it for their daily life naturally. Many of the works are appreciated as a folk craft called Mingei nowadays ( related page is here ). This lovely one below is snow shoes for kids, made by one of her family for sure.


And this beautifully built basket is probably an insect cage for children. It is too sad these amazing works are almost disappearing in our country.


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22 September 2017

random mirror

This random arrangement of angled mirrors is for a store display. I think it is a great idea to highlight the object, and has a potential to apply for another area such as products or furnishings.


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18 September 2017

power of handwriting

These are not wasted paper of writing mistakes nor by practising, but art works by Yuichi Inoue ( related page is here ). I feel a power of handwriting.


They are from famous poems or stories. Mistakes seem to be no matter for him, but how expressed must be his comcern.


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13 September 2017

not yet ready

The art piece at the museum was not ready to display yet, but I felt the different message from the way it covered and fenced in.


Another one weared a blue sheet. Only its toes appeared.


This big one was in the building, covered in the same way.


Only this guy was unvailed outside. It was by a popular wood sculptor, Atsuhiko Misawa.


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08 September 2017

see-through perspective

Tomoyuki Tanaka is an architect, but also famous for his see-through perspective drawings. His hand drawing is super detailed and amazingly precise although he doesn't use any computers in the process. Here is his drawing of Shibuya station, one of the most complecated structure of the station in the world. ( related page is here )


Its close up is like this, many people are in there.


Here is another station in Tokyo, Shinjyuku.


His skill and spirit is just amazing. It's worth to be an art piece, I believe.


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04 September 2017

jump over

Jump over the higher hurdle in front of you on the way to your goal.


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30 August 2017

red products

What kind of product do you imagine if I ask you a red one? I guess many of you imagined sports cars, but no toaster like this. This is the one of a product series called "plus minus zero" directed by Naoto Fukazawa.


And here are some products for kids, but audios. They are 30 year old collection of "my first Sony".


And for many aged Japanese would imagine this nostalgic pay phone which accepts only ¥10 coins.


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25 August 2017

bike stand

These look like toys, but they are bike stands. The small size and the cute style of design is very Japanese.


Another one I saw in the US was like this. It's bold and looks sturdy. Very American.


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21 August 2017

direction signs

This bold sign on the floor is for passengers to indicate the way to the departure gates in the airport. The plane looks as if taking off from a jumping board.


And this road sign is for bikers to run on the left side of the designated lane. The sign which designed the figure from the front looks curious, though.


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16 August 2017

flower curtain

Flower curtain? They are just artifical flowers which inserted into holes of the curtain, but looks very cool.


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11 August 2017

stretch fabric

Stretch fabric was demonstraited at the public space in Tokyo, everyone were allowed to touch and feel the smooth material.


The structure of the display was very simple but well considered both visually and tactilely.


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07 August 2017

new nostalgy

This poster looks 60's antique, but it's the work by YoshihiroYagi two years before.


When I stepped closer to it, soon I noticed it has rich texture by elaborated printing processes.


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02 August 2017

in and out

Inside-out concpt for a fish bowl, the water sphere is popping out of the surface. Fishes can swim in and out from the bottom.


And here is a reversed version, outside-in concept. An air sphere is floating in the water.


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28 July 2017

new retro

Tenugui is a Japanese traditional towel made of cotton for many purpose like hand towel, bath towel, wash cloth, dish cloth, or even a wrapping cloth. Pictured below has modern graphic pattern to fit our modern life ( related page is here ). Very good idea for both young people to know the tradition, and local industries to be supported.


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24 July 2017


This month is the 35th anniversary of Sony Walkman. The very first walkman pictured below has two headphone jacks to share listening music with a couple. Lovely feature isn't it?


However the design was not good enough because the basic chasy and conponents were based on the portable recorder pictured below, just mini plug and jack for stereo headphone were developed for the first Walkman.


The second model is much smaller and sophisticated ( related page is here ), and sold explosively.


And the following models are diversed, waterproof, FM radio integrated, skelton, solar powered, and so on. It was golden age for product designers.



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