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28 October 2013

old and new

Ise Jingu is a complex of 125 shrines at Ise area, middle part of Japan, and has approximately 2000 years of history. Its grand shrine dedicated to goddess is rebuilt every 20 years as if it is a life cycle of nature, and 2013 is the year.

I visited the shrines just after the formal celemonies had done, and had a chance to observe the both old and new buildings next to each other from a distance.


The new shrine looked really fresh and I felt purified atomosphere. Woods are not painted and will not be forever, but carefully finished by hand. People except emperor has no chance to approach closer to the main building, just pray and observe from a distance.


20 years old shrine was almost rotten like this way, because the building is so holy that it is not allowed even to touch.


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