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03 November 2014

new gallery

New annex gallery of Kyoto national museum was opened last month, and I had a chance to visit there. The building was modern and simple, designed by Yoshio Taniguchi who is a famous architect known as MoMA redesigning project. ( my related page is here and  here )


The narrow pillars remind me Corbusier's architecture ( related page is here ), and the design is very similar to the annex gallery of Tokyo national museum which is also his work (related page is here ).


Sanjyu-Sangen-Do, literaly 33 length temple, which is famous for a thousand of thousand armed Kannon statues is next to the museum, and I feel the same rhythm between them as if they are synchronizing together. I don't know the architect was aware of it or not, though.


I found circle signs here and there on the terrace in front of the museum even in a pond, and I learned they indicate the original position of pillars of ancient temple that used be there.


Inside of the building was also nice, simple and modern.


And again, circle singns were on the floor in the building.


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