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12 October 2016

Togo Murano

Togo Murano is an architect who started his career befor World War 2 and had been active until his 90's, 1980's. Shin KabukiZa in Osaka was one of his major works which had a modern structure with traditional details like KaraHafu gables, although it is no more in existence unfortunately. Pictures below are miniature mockups of his works displayed at the museum in Kyoto Institute of Technology.


This Kashihara Jingu station in Nara is 75 years old and is still used now. Good design is long-lasting is a word by Dieter Rams.


And these are KasuiEn, a part of the Westin Miyako Kyoto hotel now. ( related page is here )


These houses were built aligned with the complecated surface of the natural slope, and all are connected by indoor passages.


He also designed modern buildings like these.


Many of Tokyo residents would notice this one is in front of YurakuCho station, a consumer electronics retailer Bic Camera, formerly a department store SoGo. Yes, this old building was also designed by him.


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