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02 December 2016

Kasuga treasure

Kasuga Taisya shrine in Nara has more than one thousand year history. The main buildings of the shrine re-build every 20 years like Ise Jingu, and this autumn is the time. ( related page is here ) The gate is called Tori-i which is for showing the sacred area of the shrine, and was refreshed by re-painted in vermilion same to the shrine.


The shrine has a museum to exhibit a part of its historical treasure, and it was renovated brightly and re-opened at this occasion.


Its iconic exhibit is this huge drums for Gagaku, a kind of Shinto music which is to dedicate a God. The one on the left shows the sun in gold with dragons and three Tomoe pattern, and the right side is the moon in silver with phoenixes and two Tomoe pattern. ( related page is here )




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