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September 2017

27 September 2017

straw works

Straw of rice and wheat used be everywhere in Japan, and people utilized it for their daily life naturally. Many of the works are appreciated as a folk craft called Mingei nowadays ( related page is here ). This lovely one below is snow shoes for kids, made by one of her family for sure.


And this beautifully built basket is probably an insect cage for children. It is too sad these amazing works are almost disappearing in our country.


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22 September 2017

random mirror

This random arrangement of angled mirrors is for a store display. I think it is a great idea to highlight the object, and has a potential to apply for another area such as products or furnishings.


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18 September 2017

power of handwriting

These are not wasted paper of writing mistakes nor by practising, but art works by Yuichi Inoue ( related page is here ). I feel a power of handwriting.


They are from famous poems or stories. Mistakes seem to be no matter for him, but how expressed must be his comcern.


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13 September 2017

not yet ready

The art piece at the museum was not ready to display yet, but I felt the different message from the way it covered and fenced in.


Another one weared a blue sheet. Only its toes appeared.


This big one was in the building, covered in the same way.


Only this guy was unvailed outside. It was by a popular wood sculptor, Atsuhiko Misawa.


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08 September 2017

see-through perspective

Tomoyuki Tanaka is an architect, but also famous for his see-through perspective drawings. His hand drawing is super detailed and amazingly precise although he doesn't use any computers in the process. Here is his drawing of Shibuya station, one of the most complecated structure of the station in the world. ( related page is here )


Its close up is like this, many people are in there.


Here is another station in Tokyo, Shinjyuku.


His skill and spirit is just amazing. It's worth to be an art piece, I believe.


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04 September 2017

jump over

Jump over the higher hurdle in front of you on the way to your goal.


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