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October 2017

30 October 2017

spiritual cabin

An architect Sambuichi made a installation in the museum of Kanazawa. It was a simple and compact cabin which creates quiet and spiritual space for meditation. This reminds me a Shinto shrine somehow, probably in the style of its simplicity or clean texture of the wood. ( related page is here )


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25 October 2017

super normal

This wood chair looks quite orthodox but has no flat surface at all. The super normal design was done by Naoto Fukasawa ( related page is here ) and manufactured in Asahikawa, Hokkaido Japan.


The design was realized not only by the latest CNC technology but also by the skill of craftsmen in the area. I love the sleek form of the arm rest.


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20 October 2017

autumn moon

Autumn moon is quietly shining in the night sky, and illuminates the scattered clouds from their back. Can you see little stars between them? This drawing looks very modern, but amazingly almost 100 years old. Very impressive.


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16 October 2017

Buddhist statues

Many of Buddhist statues in Japan are made from wood, and it is said that is related to the ancient nature worship. Some are made from a single piece of log, but the sitting figures are oftenly constructed from pieces of wood like this picture below.


And this is how their eyes were made. Yes, pieces of glass are mounted from the back.


Inso, ritual gesture, has many variations and significant meaning for each.





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11 October 2017


Few villages in Toyama/Gifu prefecture which have 100- 200 years old houses were resistered on UNESCO world heritage. The construction method used in those rafter roof is called Gassho-Zukuri, derived from the shape which resembles the way we pray with both hands folded.


The steep roof is thatched for allowing heavy snow to slip easily down in winter, and for shielding from the strong sunshine in summer.


The windows from the room were like this. It was very dark inside, though.


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06 October 2017

circle motief

A circle shape could be a good motief when we design the simple and modern products. Here is an information panel for Yamaha motorbike, and has a very compact form with a circle shape.


And it has another circle shape on its back, but a LED brake light.


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02 October 2017

classic SONY

This is the portable transistor TV by Sony which is almost the same age as mine. Its simple round shape is beautiful even now, although the matte gray color looks military gears.


It has a unique sun visor which makes strong charactor as the product for outdoor.


The handle is also an important element which is a symbol of the portable product.


A channel dial is on the rear top, and other controls are on the back corner.


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