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November 2017

27 November 2017

autumn in Kyoto

I found unique shape of holes on pavements of a street in Kyoto. And then noticed tiny red berries were dropped and blowed in the holes.


I don't know what they are, but must be tasty for birds.


And autums leaves, of course. ( related page is here ) Winter is coming soon.


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22 November 2017

autumn in Nara

When I visited my hometown Nara, it was the season of Kaki which is one of the typical autumn fruit in Japan. ( related page is here ) It is also well known for the famous Haiku subjected about together with Nara.


And I found another fruit, but I really don't know. A kind of citrus, maybe.


It was also time for autumn leaves to cover the ground. Winter is coming very soon.


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17 November 2017

floating hotel

A gigantic luxuary liner was at the pier of Yokohama port. Everytime I see this kind of ship, I think it's like a floating hotel. ( from my another blog )


It's hard to tell how much floors it has, but at least 10 floors can be counted from the distance.


Not sure where the massive liner is heading to, but it makes us sentimental as if we are travelers.


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13 November 2017

Nicola and Yayoi

Finally I had a chance to enter GSIX, new comercial complex in Ginza. ( related page is here )

The interior of the building is designed by Gwenael Nicolas ( related page is here ) who is a Tokyo based French designer. He created golden lattice panels which remind us Koushido of Japanese traditional architecture, and covered the open space in the way rising up to the right which has a good meaning for Asian.


Baloons created by Yayoi Kusama, 88 year old female artist, are floating in the space as a occasional installation. The geometric Asa-no-ha pattern ( related page is here ) on the Washi covered glass ceiling is also by Nicola. Very unique collaboration for the opening memorial.


Baloons have a shape of pumpkin with red dots pattern Yayoi always uses for her works. ( related page is here )


And other details of the interior are also sharing the same concept, rising up to the right.


Even the restrooms.


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08 November 2017


Ikebana, Japanese traditional flower arrangement, has many styles and schools. ( related page is here ) These works below are probably categorized as a kind of avant-garde style.


Some works are almost an installation of modern art.


Bamboo seems to be quite important material for the Japanese arrangement.


Some works were used industrial material. Really avant-garde.


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03 November 2017


POLA which is a Japanese cosmetic brand has changed their visual identity last year. I am not sure why they applied dots pattern for their visuals, but it looks very modern and suits their new POLA logo.


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