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February 2018

28 February 2018

Totan texture

Totan is wave-shaped sheet metal which is made of galvanised iron, and used mostly for low cost buildings or industrial purpose. Although it doesn't last long, many houses use it to cover the surface of their old wooden wall because it's cheap and easy to handle. And this becomes a part of landscape of rulal area in Japan.


And this picture below is an art work which is used different texture of Totan sheets, colored, coated and rusted. I feel nostalgy when I saw this in a modern architecture of the city.


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23 February 2018

mysterious objet

A water jar? Or a bird figurine? I have no idea what this is, however it catches my eye. Very mysterious and attractive for me.


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19 February 2018

natural material

This table light from Muji is probably designed by Naoto Fukasawa ( related page is here ). Simple geometric shape makes the appearance modern, but the natural materials make us feel comfortable. Especially I like the combination of the hand crafted Washi, Japanese traditional paper, and a block of wood. You can also choose gorgeous marble block instead, although it is very expensive unlike the other Muji products.


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14 February 2018

lovely illustration

These lovely package for AUDREY, the popular sweets shop, is by Yoshie Watanabe ( related page is here ).


The shape of skirts is impressive in the illustrations, and I think the low contrast of color scheme is also very unique. Her Kawaii world always attracts female customers and contributes the business.


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09 February 2018

layers of words

This installation is just a small room coverd with words. I guess these words are from some literary work I don't know exactly.


You can see so many layers of words in different color when you get closer.


You can feel the power of hand writing from the work. ( related page is here )


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05 February 2018

Honda battery

I know Honda used to manufacture an electric generator utilizing small engine in their product portfolio, but this latest one is purely a powerful battery which supplys 500W maximum. Why Honda has to make a battery, not an engine? Well, an automobile company may not be an engine manufacturer any more. ( related page is here )


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