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May 2018

28 May 2018


These look normal bike,  but they are acutually e-bikes from BESV, one of a BenQ group company. Their stylish design is well engineered, the power drive unit is quite compact and the bold frame is made of carbon fiber. It has smartphone connection of course, and can operate the system or record driving. Cool, isn't it?


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23 May 2018

Kanji character

This wooden plate in front of the temple gate is saying 碧巌録提唱 which means to study Kongan-Roku, one of the old Buddhist scriptures. The style of the hand writing is so unique that even Japanese can hardly read it, though.


How about this graphic poster? It looks Kanji character something like 月尺日月, but is alphabet which can read AREA. Strange?


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18 May 2018

Shiro Satsuma

Satsuma ware is a type of Japanese pottery originally from Satsuma province in Kyusyu island of Japan. I don't like its decorated version, but the white glazed one called Shiro Satsuma is just beautiful. Since it was for daily use of Samurai life, the design is simple and sophisticated. The picture below is an antique Shiro Satsuma teapot I shot at the exhibition, and you can see its micro cracks on the surface of the glaze which is one of the characteristic of the pottery.


This one below is also an antique Shiro Satsuma I take in different place. I think this one is a Sake server, but no idea of the reason for its unique geometric form like Tofu.


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14 May 2018


The concrete building I found near OmoteSandou was cool, especially the simplified shape of a house and its modern structure.


You can also find the see-through curtain outside, and will soon notice it is unique wire work, not fabric, when you approach it closer.


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09 May 2018

natural finish

The old huse I saw in Kyoto had weatherd and faded wood surface which looked graphical pattern as if it was a patchwork. It sometimes happens because many of Japanese prefer the natural finish to enjoy the grain color and texture rather than painted, although I don't know why they were repaired randomly as in this case.


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04 May 2018


A hippopotamus is rising from the ground!

This is an art objet placed in the backyard of the gallery I visited. It was made of iron, however it looked so real from the distance that I was very surprised.

Hippopotamus, by the way, is such a difficult name in English compared with KaBa in Japanese.


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