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06 August 2018

wooden tank

Wooden tanks are used only for limited purpose such as soy souce or wine manufacturing process in Japan, not like water tanks for daily life as we can see on the roof tops of the old buildings in New York.

Here is a very newly built wooden water tank I saw at the hot spring facility near Kanazawa, and it was still smelling fragrant of wood.


The surface was amazingly smooth, and zero gaps between the wood boards of course. Many metal wires were used as the hoops, and I guess these are only fastening to build this wooden structure. I heard that the wooden tannks are so flexible that they endures the earthquake and cause few damages.


Nihon Mokusou is the name of the company and their logo was engraved on the wire clips. I learned their headquater is in Yokohama and only walk distance from my appartment.


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