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May 2023

31 May 2023

national stadium

Japan national stadium was built as the main site of Tokyo Olympic games in 2021, and used for sports events after that. It is huge, however the horizontally layered design effectively moderates the height of the architecture.


The stadium was designed by Kengo Kuma ( related page is here ) as you can guess from its appearance which has wooden louvers covered. It is said the wooden boards are came sourced from all prefectures across the nation. The wooden louvers remind me under eaves of old temples ( related page is here ), and it must be one of Kuma's intention.


You can also see some greens planted between the floor layers, as if vegetables of a hamburger, and it successfully blends architecture into the environment.


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26 May 2023

weathered treasure

Todaiji temple in Nara has many old wooden buildings, and this gigantic gate was originally built in the 10th century and re-built in the 12th century. The gate is called Nan-Dai-Mon, which means the south-great-gate, and is the biggest gate of temple in Japan.


We can see its unique wooden structure to support its gigantic eaves, and you will notice they are terribly weathered and lost its surface color. Although it may be very cool from a Wabi-Sabi point of view for some kind of people like me.


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22 May 2023

color of early summer

This ceramic work is roughly hand formed and wildly brush stroked in vivid color which remind me fresh leaves of early summer.


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17 May 2023


An old whale is trying to jump from the stormy wave. What a dynamic and dramatic design the vase is. This artpiece is Kutani ceramic created by artist Yoka Muta.


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12 May 2023

not a work in progress

This is not a temporarily fixed work in progress, but a completed work by an artist.


Its combination of old woods from antique furniture and cheap industrial parts creates unique appearance we have not met.


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08 May 2023

observing nature

This octangluar canister is a ceramic artwork by Kenkichi Tomimoto in the 1950's. I love this hand-drawn pattern he created from ferns. He used to say "never create a pattern from the existing patterns but from the nature by observing it". Very meaningful statement for artists/designers of today, isn't it?


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03 May 2023

Botan flower

Botan, or paeony, is a spring flower originating in China, and has thin and fluffy petals. This beautiful Nihon-ga was drawn on gold Byobu screen by the artist Kagai. Just gorgeous.


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