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June 2023

28 June 2023

ceramic bottles

We rarely see ceramic bottles nowadays ( related page is here ). These are antique Sake bottles, probably of the 1930 - 40's, on which the name of the local Sake makers accociation was handwritten.



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23 June 2023

tourism promotion

These bright visuals are for tourism promotion of Toyama prefecture, so that you can find the local famous motifs like thunderbirds or glassware in the graphics. This was done by a textile designer, but it will be applied to many kinds of goods, printings or media. So modern, so lovely. 



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19 June 2023

inside view

I had a chance to visit and walk in the National stadium in Tokyo ( related page is here ). Since it was not domed unlike Zaha Hadid's original plan, I can feel expansiveness of the open space and enjoy the fresh air blowing through there.


It was very special moment for me when I stood on the field, I felt as if many eyes were on me from the empty seats.



The seats are randomly colored so that we don't feel it deserted even if the audience were totally empty. This eventually worked when the Olympic games were held without any audience due to pandemic in 2021.


Amagingly its gigantic eave doesn't have any pillars, and is cantilevered by the wood/metal hybrid beam frames.




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14 June 2023


This tiny canister is a craftwork by Gonroku Matsuda, a famous Urushi craft artist active in the 1960 - 70's. He created the pattern by carving several layers of Urushi lacquer. Just amazing technique and effort.


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09 June 2023

Light for peace

This public art which is titled ‘Star’ is designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, and installed on the other side of the Tokyo station across the street. Its mirrored surface reflects sunlight in daytime and citylight at night so that it glows like a star. He also sub-titled it LIGHT FOR PEACE which I assume it implies the Ukraine situation.


It has amazingly more than 2,000 octagonal stainless steel rods with different length to shape the star. This also reminds me his work of CRYSTALIZE exhibited 10 years before. 


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05 June 2023


Not many but some old Machiya, a traditional merchant’s house, is well preserved in the city of Kanazawa. ( related page is here )


Irori, an open fireplace, is placed in the business area near entrance to welcome their customers. You will notice the scratched pattern on the ash, I guess it's an easy version of charcoal settings as in formal tea ceremony.


Beautiful wooden structure can be seen looking up at the spacious entrance. I guess flat ceilings used be only for living space.


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