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July 2023

31 July 2023

mouth of truth

Is this a Japanese version of "mouth of truth"? Well, I don't know but just guess it's a kind of Koma-inu or lion dog which has a role as a guardian to keep evils away. ( related page is here )


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26 July 2023

morning glory

This Nihon-ga of mornig glories are drawn on the Byobu screen by Kagai ( related page is here ). Morning glory is such a beautiful name, by the way, but we call it Asa-gao in Japanese which literally means morning face. It became very popular during Edo period, and many varieties of flowers were created. 


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21 July 2023


This goast like lighting is Yamagiwa K-series, also well known as Oba-Q Light, designed by Shiro Kuramata 50 years before ( related page is here ). It is made by a very primitive way, just shaped the heated acrylic board by the hands of a craftsman.


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17 July 2023

a flower bud

This beautiful artwork is a ceramic vase by Hiroshi Nakada which is designed to look like a flower bud.


We can feel the power of life from the detail of this tiny opening. So delicate.


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12 July 2023

Owan bowls

These are series of Owan, or Japanese soup bowls, which are thinly carved wood with Urushi lacquer elaboratedly coated. Each pair has its own lids to keep the soup/food warm, and the shape is quite lovely.

Dsc07272 Dsc07273 Dsc07274

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07 July 2023

a lone swallow

A lone swallow swoops swiftly across the golden sky. This is a part of Byobu screen drawn by Kagai ( related page is here ).


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03 July 2023

origami bag

This lightweight bag is designed by a textile designer Reiko Sudo, and is made from recycled polyester which was preformed like Origami paperwork to hold small. I like its shiny silver CMF which would be a gorgeous fashion accent.


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