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September 2023

29 September 2023


This digital clock is using Nixi tubes which are no longer in production. I don't know how old this clock is, but seems to be newly built. It's really a nice retro-future look.


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25 September 2023


This Imari ware is by Imaemon the ceramic artist, and the motif is Nadeshiko flower, a kind of Japanese Carnation that blooms in autumn. The background gray is by FukiZumi which is charcoal ink sprayed by craftman's mouth blow. The design is not so gorgeous but very calm and beautiful.


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20 September 2023

metal lace

This elaborated lace is not knitted threads but cut out of the metal sheet, probably aluminum or tin. It must be easier to cut out by using the latest lazer technology, but I guess this work is made by hand that would be a dreadfully daunting task.


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15 September 2023

spoke chair

This low chair is called Spoke Chair designed by Katsuhei Toyokuchi 60 years before. Its seat height is quite low to fit Japanese lifestyle based on Tatami mats that was gradually westernizing at the time. Big rounded cussion with a spoke wooden back brings modern feeling and makes unique appearance, not only as the mid-century design movement but even now.


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11 September 2023

antique stationary

This stationary case is a craftwork made 300 years ago, Urushi lacquer coated with gold leaf and shell piece decoration. You can see a Suzuri, an ink stone, and some writing brushes in it, and will notice all the items are ellaborately decorated as the same concept as the case design. 


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06 September 2023

moon light

We had a chance to see a beautiful "super blue moon" last week, and the harvest moon will appear very soon. This floor light, one of the version of famous Akari series designed by Isamu Noguchi, reminds me such a full moon. However it is said that he imagined the sun, not the moon, when he designed it.



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01 September 2023

weird but mysterious

Is this a jellyfish from the deep sea or a mushroom from the deep woods? Or maybe an alien from an external gallaxy? Really weird but mysterious objet created by an artist.


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