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October 2023

27 October 2023

fireproof building

This old building in Takaoka, Toyama is built as a warehouse about 100 years before. Its earth walls are for fireproofing and covered with a unique black plaster which is made by mixing normal plaster with pine ink and oil smoke. You can also see the western style of cast-iron pillars under the front eave.


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23 October 2023

tiny numbers

So many numbers can be seen on the flat surface of this art work. This Urushi lacquer work is created by Terumasa Ikeda with traditional Raden technique. 


It looks like a piece of stone, but really is made of wood as in the conventional lacquer ware.


This small artwork is also covered by tiny numbers. Please click the picture below to enlarge the detail. You can find some pieces around the cube but it's not crashed by accident, they are also a part of the artwork.


These tiny numbers are cut out from shells with a pulsed laser machine. The combination of high tech and hand craft, or I should say digital and analog, makes his works very unique.


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18 October 2023

bull head

It was very surprising to see this bull head in the Tatami room. It was a ceramic artwork by a Kutani artist, I don't know the concept behind it though.


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13 October 2023

vintage package

I happend to see vintage paper wrappings for soy sauce bottles. Naogen is a local brand of soy sauce and very popular even now. English text is printed together with Japanese on the natural paper, maybe for export purpose.


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09 October 2023


陰翳 ,InEi, is a series of lighting designed by Issei Miyake ( related page is here ) and manufactured by Italian brand Artemide. This one below is one of the biggest model which has about 2m in height hung from the ceiling. ( related page is here )


Its textured material looked like WaShi, Japanese paper, but it really is a recycled polyester made from PET bottles.


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04 October 2023


Face with tears of joy is the 2D Emoji that represents a crying with laughter facial expression. Shoei Matsuda made it a gigantic baloon titled "The Big Flat Now", and exposed in a spacious gallery. The Emoji is so popular for everybody that visitors can naturally understand it even though it was in 3D.


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