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November 2023

29 November 2023


This one below looks a motorbike at a glance, but you can find foot pedals when you see it carefully. I'm not sure the brand but it is a E-bike. Very cool, isn't it? ( related page is here )


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24 November 2023

wooden sculpture

I found wooden decoration under the eave of the old temple building, that was elaborately sculptured in 3D. I guess this was originally vividly painted, but it was terribly weathered and the colour was completely gone.

You can find a bird in the picture below, possibly Kiji or Japanese pheasant, that is a symbol motif of spring.


And a deer was in the different part of the work which is a symbol motif of autumn, together with maple leaves behind it.




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20 November 2023

fallen leaves

Tiny Origami works in the shape of various animals were shown at the event space. You would be surprised to hear that these are all made by folding fallen leaves by an artist. They were incredibly well formed. Just amazing.


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15 November 2023

blue dogs

Blue dogs, or maybe wolves, were on the water. This installation in a park is by an artist Hiroko Kubo. 


She oftenly uses industrial materials such as blue mesh or metal rod for her works, and it creates unique appearance in the open air.  ( related page is here )


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10 November 2023

hemp palm

This handy broom is one of the traditional tool for housework, and is made of hemp palm. The craftsmen for this product are getting fewer and fewer, so it's becoming a precious commodity nowadays.


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06 November 2023

vinyl toys

I visited Sake brewery and storehouse in the old town Iwase, Toyama, to join the art exhibition program held in the area. The building was not old, but had a stately appearance.


Gaudy art works were exhibited in the dark storehouse, which were like 1960's vinyl toys. Are these really art, by the way? And why there? So strange.


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01 November 2023

blue dots

Harumi Nakajima, a contemporary ceramic artist, created this organic forms made of hand-twisted porcelain clay with hundreds of blue dots. Pretty? or Creepy?



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