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December 2023

27 December 2023

hanging bell

Is this a hanging bell from another planet? It's quite big, about the size of a man, and has an eye watching us. This artwork looks metal, but really is an earthware with shiny coating. Very weird and striking.


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22 December 2023


The photo-like drawing was on the back of the skateboards. Somehow I like this kind of style that we can see so often these days, off course I'm not of the generation of skateboarding though. Is this a boom of a contemporary art scene, by the way? 



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18 December 2023

big crystals

This objet installed in the garden looks like big crystals, and I guess it turns into a illumination at night. 



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13 December 2023

smooth and rough

This wooden sculpture delicately colored is by Katsura Funakoshi, and had a unique presence in the gallery space. You would notice it has smooth surface on his bald head and nose, while the other part were roughly carved. Very impressive artwork. ( related page is here )


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08 December 2023

glamorous body

This small Sake bottle is called Tokkuri 徳利, and is an old Kutani ware possively more than 100 years old. Its curved body with very narrow spout makes the shape so glamorous that I want to have it although I'm not a Sake drinker.


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04 December 2023

Torii gates

Thousands of Torii gates are placed along the path that leads to the top of the sacred mountain, Fushimi Inari, Kyoto. Most of the Torii gates were donated by merchants and it became difficult to find the space to build the new one. ( related page is here )

Dsc08110 Dsc08073 Dsc08083 Dsc08104

And here are smaller version of Torii gates that offer for small donations. So many Torii gates for many different wishes. ( related page is here )

Dsc08115 Dsc08093

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