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January 2024

29 January 2024

glass apple

This glass apple has beautiful shape with unique dot patterns inside. I have no idea how it was made, but the artist Akiko Toda did it very well.


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24 January 2024

old glasses

These Japanese glasses are more than 100 years old and have special metal temples. Can you guess the reason behind the shape? 



People in that era wore traditional hair style, so that it was difficult to use conventional ear glasses. Then people were using this style of glasses that clamped to their temples. 

Picture below should be another solution, although this one may be much older.


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19 January 2024


I'm not sure this one below I saw in the hotel lobby was the artist's work or traditional folk art, but it caught my eyes especially the detail where rice straw is carefully tied together with string by hand. It is primitive, pure and yet sincere. ( related page is here )



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15 January 2024

abandoned houses

This installation of iron works remind me abandoned houses after severe disaster, caused by war or earthquake.


The only house which remained the roof and walls looks also empty. Life is not easy on this planet at all.


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10 January 2024

space cat

This big cat in a space-suit seems to be ready to fly out into space. His wide-open eyes show his commitment to not miss anything he sees in the adventure ahead.


His shiny metal boots look capable of traveling over the tough ground on the new planet. Good luck.


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05 January 2024


These craftworks are accessories which look quite simple that reminds me Origami paper works. Although the minimal design look like an experimental study, their combination of the plain shapes and the rich texture of metal creates unique appearance. 


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01 January 2024

SHIDE paper

These zig-zag shaped stripes of paper are called 紙垂, or Shide, for indicating the sacred area in a shrine. They are usually attached on Shime-Kazari which can be seen on new years days. ( related page is here



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