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February 2024

26 February 2024

composition of materials

Unique art pieces were on the wall in the hotel room, which have simple composition of woods and metal. These are by the Osaka based artist Masayuki Tsubota whose works are varied from small desktop objet to big public art.

Dsc01 Dsc02

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21 February 2024

Osamu goods

Osamu Harada is a famous illustrator who passed away in 2016. His works were strongly affected by American pop culture as of 1940's - 1960's. He created colorful and enjoyable characters as  OSAMU GOODS series and adopted them to hundreds of gadgets and products. Some of them are still on the market and very popular even now.




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16 February 2024

stone age tools

These look like stone age tools, but they were recent art works. The stones are chipped out into the shape of brades which actually seem to work.



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12 February 2024

Raden works

These Raden works, a traditional craftwork which is coated by Urushi lacquer with shellfish embedded, are by Shinya Yamamura who was a co-graduate at the same college as me. I like his style which has unique combination of the traditional methods and modern design, especially the usage of geometric shapes is very cool. ( related page is here )

Dsc08197 Dsc08194

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07 February 2024

natural beauty

Stones which got the shape softened by washing down in a river are beautiful. We can appreciate them as an art objet when we displayed on the wall.


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02 February 2024

contrast in materials

This public space in the museum has metal walls with stripes which make there super cool.


And the wooden chairs successfully contribute to generate its attractive contrast in materials.


The chair itself is quite simple, only has slush rungs between legs which bring unique appearance in design.


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