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March 2024

29 March 2024

not for beer bottles

These beer cases are made of iron, not plastic. They are art pieces made by a young artist, not for actual use for beer bottles, of course. Cool, aren't they?


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25 March 2024

blue bottle

A blue bottle, not the name of a coffee shop but a glass bottle for Sake. There must be a brand story behind this beautiful color and I can imagine the Sake has a clean taste, I am not a Sake drinker though. I want to keep only the empty bottle just for a flower vase in my room.


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20 March 2024

fox wedding

Rainfall in sunshine is called "fox wedding" in Japan, but I don't know why. 

The figurines of fox wedding couples pictured below are the votive offerings by visitors of a shrine I visited. I guess they are to make wishes for fullfillment of their love.



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15 March 2024

old advertising signs 

These are historic advertising signs that were made of metal plates. They are from the 1950's - 1970's, collected and well preserved by Masakatsu Itou. 




We call them 琺瑯看板 or HouRou-KanBan because the early ones had an enamel glass coating. I think these are also valuable as creations from the early days of Japanese graphic design.



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11 March 2024

online love

You can find a shape of smartphone in the Japanese message "I love you". I guess this iron work has a strong ironic twist on the todays trend of online love.


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06 March 2024

metal flower

This metal flower created by a young artist Toshiki Oda is stunningly elaborate and incredibly beautiful.


Various colors and textures can be expressed depending on the type of the materials. Just amazing.


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01 March 2024

contrast in materials

The contrast between the iron of the steam heater and the winding threads makes an atmosphere like a still life painting.


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