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April 2024

26 April 2024

Urushi sculpture

This life-size artwork has super fine Urushi coating, and the shape is so realistic as if there is a real person inside. It is by Chie Aoki who calls herself an Urushi sculpture artist.



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22 April 2024

enamelled flower

This beautiful plate probably shaped after a cloisonne flower is crafted by an enamelling artist Chinatsu Furukawa. It is so elaborated and has superfine details especially in the center of the work.


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17 April 2024

anime inspired

Rintaro Mizuguchi is an artist who creates amine inspired figrines, or I should say monsters. The organic shapes were made by hand, amazingly with a hot glue gun. 


Some works were made on the boards to hung it on a wall as an ornament. Cool, isn't it?


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12 April 2024

sweet dream

Osamu Watanabe is an artist who creates objet made with resin decoration. His works were strongly affected by his mother, a pastry teacher, and have fancy decoration covered on like sweets even if it is a skull or a traditional figurine. Kawaii or not?



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08 April 2024

history in 3D

The artist Atsushi Adachi is challenging to make history 3D, and WW2 is his latest theme. They look like just antique toys at a glance, but old Japanese newspaper was coverd on a Japanese fighter and American newspaper on the US bomber. Very unique but controversial art pieces.



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03 April 2024

lotus root

I know some people think it is weird but we Japanese eat lotus root. The poster pictured below is for promotion of the local vegitable and the unique caligraphy that we can read れんこん or lotus root is shaped a woman face. Can you read it?


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