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May 2024

29 May 2024

rolling stones

If these were rolling stones, they will gather no moss at all. It must be hard to make these perfect stone spheres, although I don't know the technology to cut stones by machines.


I can see several colors of these stones, but what kind of stones are they? The pastel color make them look somehow fluffy and light weight. Student's work exhibited at a gallery.


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24 May 2024

unidentified creature

Although I don't know the artist's concept behind it, this art piece which is Urushi lacquar finish on organic form looks something like unidentified creature from somewhere in the universe.


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20 May 2024

design meets art

Takenobu Igarashi is an artist and active even now ( related page is here ). Since his career as a designer was decades long, his sculpture works are quite modern and we can find many of the art pieces have geometric shapes. 

Dsc09255 Dsc09257

I love these Caligraphy series that are made of thin woods. Very cool, I want to have it.

Dsc09265 Dsc09267 

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15 May 2024

luminous chair

Shiro Kuramata created both a floor light and plastic chair in one seamless form. It looks futuristic as if it were from old SF movie, and is so big that I can't imagine the room that fit it well.


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10 May 2024

eggshell covered

This cute figurine is handcrafted and amazingly covered by crashed eggshell. 


These Natsume and Chasyaku, a teapowder container and a tea scoop, are also eggshell covered. Their surface is so smooth and beautifully curved.


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06 May 2024

Igarashi design

I had a chance to visit Takenobu Igarashi Archieve in Kanazawa Institute of Technology. Igarashi san used to be a designer for both visuals and industrial products for long time, and is an artist now.


His design works are so varied from corporate identities, logos, graphics for publications, posters, watches and clocks, phones, stationeries, cutleries, and so on. They are mostly created during 1970's - 1990's, and still has clear characteristics and fine esthetics even to our eyes today.

Dsc09254 Dsc09260 

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01 May 2024

wooden horses

These wooden horses are not merry-go-around but miniature art wroks for installation.


Some are roughly cut the outline, some others are well carved to figure. Their color are also varied. Student's work.

Dsc08593 Dsc08595

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