02 February 2024

contrast in materials

This public space in the museum has metal walls with stripes which make there super cool.


And the wooden chairs successfully contribute to generate its attractive contrast in materials.


The chair itself is quite simple, only has slush rungs between legs which bring unique appearance in design.


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27 October 2023

fireproof building

This old building in Takaoka, Toyama is built as a warehouse about 100 years before. Its earth walls are for fireproofing and covered with a unique black plaster which is made by mixing normal plaster with pine ink and oil smoke. You can also see the western style of cast-iron pillars under the front eave.


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23 August 2023

wooden grid

The wooden grid frame looks covers the outside of the apartment I saw in Tokyo. I guess it's not the main structure that supports the building itself but only for the balconies.


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19 June 2023

inside view

I had a chance to visit and walk in the National stadium in Tokyo ( related page is here ). Since it was not domed unlike Zaha Hadid's original plan, I can feel expansiveness of the open space and enjoy the fresh air blowing through there.


It was very special moment for me when I stood on the field, I felt as if many eyes were on me from the empty seats.



The seats are randomly colored so that we don't feel it deserted even if the audience were totally empty. This eventually worked when the Olympic games were held without any audience due to pandemic in 2021.


Amagingly its gigantic eave doesn't have any pillars, and is cantilevered by the wood/metal hybrid beam frames.




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05 June 2023


Not many but some old Machiya, a traditional merchant’s house, is well preserved in the city of Kanazawa. ( related page is here )


Irori, an open fireplace, is placed in the business area near entrance to welcome their customers. You will notice the scratched pattern on the ash, I guess it's an easy version of charcoal settings as in formal tea ceremony.


Beautiful wooden structure can be seen looking up at the spacious entrance. I guess flat ceilings used be only for living space.


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31 May 2023

national stadium

Japan national stadium was built as the main site of Tokyo Olympic games in 2021, and used for sports events after that. It is huge, however the horizontally layered design effectively moderates the height of the architecture.


The stadium was designed by Kengo Kuma ( related page is here ) as you can guess from its appearance which has wooden louvers covered. It is said the wooden boards are came sourced from all prefectures across the nation. The wooden louvers remind me under eaves of old temples ( related page is here ), and it must be one of Kuma's intention.


You can also see some greens planted between the floor layers, as if vegetables of a hamburger, and it successfully blends architecture into the environment.


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26 May 2023

weathered treasure

Todaiji temple in Nara has many old wooden buildings, and this gigantic gate was originally built in the 10th century and re-built in the 12th century. The gate is called Nan-Dai-Mon, which means the south-great-gate, and is the biggest gate of temple in Japan.


We can see its unique wooden structure to support its gigantic eaves, and you will notice they are terribly weathered and lost its surface color. Although it may be very cool from a Wabi-Sabi point of view for some kind of people like me.


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10 April 2023


This gigantic umbrella is not UFO, but is a roof for entrance of the museum designed by Kisho Kurokawa. Very simple design, although some people would say too futuristic.


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03 February 2023

optical effect

Filter sheets on the window glasses make the landscape look like an illusion or a mirage. Since it was in the museum, it may be a part of art installation. I'm curious what kind of techniques were used to create this particular optical effect. Very interesting.


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30 January 2023

new library

I visited the new library in my town, Kanazawa. It has strange details on the corner of the building, I guess it was designed to resemble the curled pages of a book.

Dsc07110 Dsc07090

The inside of the building was completly different and just amazing.


It was spacious and breathtaking, the bookshelves were arranged in concentric circles with different heights.

Dsc07100 Dsc07102

And it has stadium-like high ceiling with unique wooden frame stracture which was also interesting.


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