12 June 2024

metal fan

The picture below is not a scale model for a wind turbine but a kind of sculpture objet by an artist. The texture of the metal makes it look like an old antique from a museum.


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07 June 2024

Yin and Yang

This pair of stone sculptures I saw in a gallery was so abstract that I couldn't understand the concept behind it just from the shape. However I feel a kind of energy between two, which seems to be interacting somehow each other. It may be about Yin and Yang concept which I can't explain well.


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29 May 2024

rolling stones

If these were rolling stones, they will gather no moss at all. It must be hard to make these perfect stone spheres, although I don't know the technology to cut stones by machines.


I can see several colors of these stones, but what kind of stones are they? The pastel color make them look somehow fluffy and light weight. Student's work exhibited at a gallery.


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24 May 2024

unidentified creature

Although I don't know the artist's concept behind it, this art piece which is Urushi lacquar finish on organic form looks something like unidentified creature from somewhere in the universe.


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20 May 2024

design meets art

Takenobu Igarashi is an artist and active even now ( related page is here ). Since his career as a designer was decades long, his sculpture works are quite modern and we can find many of the art pieces have geometric shapes. 

Dsc09255 Dsc09257

I love these Caligraphy series that are made of thin woods. Very cool, I want to have it.

Dsc09265 Dsc09267 

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10 May 2024

eggshell covered

This cute figurine is handcrafted and amazingly covered by crashed eggshell. 


These Natsume and Chasyaku, a teapowder container and a tea scoop, are also eggshell covered. Their surface is so smooth and beautifully curved.


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01 May 2024

wooden horses

These wooden horses are not merry-go-around but miniature art wroks for installation.


Some are roughly cut the outline, some others are well carved to figure. Their color are also varied. Student's work.

Dsc08593 Dsc08595

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26 April 2024

Urushi sculpture

This life-size artwork has super fine Urushi coating, and the shape is so realistic as if there is a real person inside. It is by Chie Aoki who calls herself an Urushi sculpture artist.



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17 April 2024

anime inspired

Rintaro Mizuguchi is an artist who creates amine inspired figrines, or I should say monsters. The organic shapes were made by hand, amazingly with a hot glue gun. 


Some works were made on the boards to hung it on a wall as an ornament. Cool, isn't it?


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12 April 2024

sweet dream

Osamu Watanabe is an artist who creates objet made with resin decoration. His works were strongly affected by his mother, a pastry teacher, and have fancy decoration covered on like sweets even if it is a skull or a traditional figurine. Kawaii or not?



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