06 March 2024

metal flower

This metal flower created by a young artist Toshiki Oda is stunningly elaborate and incredibly beautiful.


Various colors and textures can be expressed depending on the type of the materials. Just amazing.


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26 February 2024

composition of materials

Unique art pieces were on the wall in the hotel room, which have simple composition of woods and metal. These are by the Osaka based artist Masayuki Tsubota whose works are varied from small desktop objet to big public art.

Dsc01 Dsc02

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12 February 2024

Raden works

These Raden works, a traditional craftwork which is coated by Urushi lacquer with shellfish embedded, are by Shinya Yamamura who was a co-graduate at the same college as me. I like his style which has unique combination of the traditional methods and modern design, especially the usage of geometric shapes is very cool. ( related page is here )

Dsc08197 Dsc08194

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29 January 2024

glass apple

This glass apple has beautiful shape with unique dot patterns inside. I have no idea how it was made, but the artist Akiko Toda did it very well.


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19 January 2024


I'm not sure this one below I saw in the hotel lobby was the artist's work or traditional folk art, but it caught my eyes especially the detail where rice straw is carefully tied together with string by hand. It is primitive, pure and yet sincere. ( related page is here )



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05 January 2024


These craftworks are accessories which look quite simple that reminds me Origami paper works. Although the minimal design look like an experimental study, their combination of the plain shapes and the rich texture of metal creates unique appearance. 


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08 December 2023

glamorous body

This small Sake bottle is called Tokkuri 徳利, and is an old Kutani ware possively more than 100 years old. Its curved body with very narrow spout makes the shape so glamorous that I want to have it although I'm not a Sake drinker.


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23 October 2023

tiny numbers

So many numbers can be seen on the flat surface of this art work. This Urushi lacquer work is created by Terumasa Ikeda with traditional Raden technique. 


It looks like a piece of stone, but really is made of wood as in the conventional lacquer ware.


This small artwork is also covered by tiny numbers. Please click the picture below to enlarge the detail. You can find some pieces around the cube but it's not crashed by accident, they are also a part of the artwork.


These tiny numbers are cut out from shells with a pulsed laser machine. The combination of high tech and hand craft, or I should say digital and analog, makes his works very unique.


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18 October 2023

bull head

It was very surprising to see this bull head in the Tatami room. It was a ceramic artwork by a Kutani artist, I don't know the concept behind it though.


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25 September 2023


This Imari ware is by Imaemon the ceramic artist, and the motif is Nadeshiko flower, a kind of Japanese Carnation that blooms in autumn. The background gray is by FukiZumi which is charcoal ink sprayed by craftman's mouth blow. The design is not so gorgeous but very calm and beautiful.


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