01 March 2024

contrast in materials

The contrast between the iron of the steam heater and the winding threads makes an atmosphere like a still life painting.


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18 December 2023

big crystals

This objet installed in the garden looks like big crystals, and I guess it turns into a illumination at night. 



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10 November 2023

hemp palm

This handy broom is one of the traditional tool for housework, and is made of hemp palm. The craftsmen for this product are getting fewer and fewer, so it's becoming a precious commodity nowadays.


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28 June 2023

ceramic bottles

We rarely see ceramic bottles nowadays ( related page is here ). These are antique Sake bottles, probably of the 1930 - 40's, on which the name of the local Sake makers accociation was handwritten.



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19 April 2023

lost in a labyrinth

Many Tori-i gates were installed along the pathway in a shrine, and I felt as if I were lost in a labyrinth. Most of them were donated by local merchants, by the way. ( related page is here )


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17 March 2023

flowers on the water

Flowers were on the water of Chouzu, the place to wash hands for purifying at shrines, to celebrate the season and welcoming visitors there. ( related page is here )


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13 March 2023

border line

Is this the border line? But for what? 

Actually it was just a paved pathway straight across the park I visited. But I don't know what these numbers engraved on the concrete are for. They seems to represent latitude and longitude, though.


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03 March 2023


The warm spring sunshine creates unique shapes of shadow in the cafe. Do you notice aclyc barriers on each table, by the way? And do we still need them? They are well designed, though.


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03 February 2023

optical effect

Filter sheets on the window glasses make the landscape look like an illusion or a mirage. Since it was in the museum, it may be a part of art installation. I'm curious what kind of techniques were used to create this particular optical effect. Very interesting.


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16 November 2022

lion dog

狛犬 / Koma-inu or a lion dog is a statue of guardian creature which keeps a gate of shrine. ( related page is here )


We can see various design of the lion dog, including this kind of pretty one. ( related page is here )



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