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10 October 2018

bold dots

Here are unique graphics for a advertising poster, which have bold dot layout.


This one has retro impression, but is simply composed only with dots and thin lines.


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01 October 2018


This looks fine lace, but it's a sheet of paper which is precisely cut out by laser.


One of its application idea is a chocolate package. This elegant idea is done by Kenya Hara. ( related page is here )


And this needle work by female designer is amazingly using paper thread which is probably made by hand yarned. Just amazing.


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21 September 2018

Kiyoshi Seike

Kiyoshi Seike is an architect who was active in 1950's - 1980's. Pictures below are the reproductions of furniture he designed together with a private house in 1952. The wooden chest is accessible from both side that works as a space divider in the room. The design is very modern even now and looks like a miniature of architecture.


The Shoji sliding screens are also designed in modern way, floor to cieling format makes it simple and clean.


And here is the original concept for Tatami mats which floats on the floor and is movable.


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29 August 2018

Tokyo graphics

This poster is simply saying "I'm living in Tokyo" and the graphic is shaped after a night scene of urban buildings, possibly apartments or office towers densely buitup. Very cool, isn't it?


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20 August 2018


Imagine cardboards in our life were like these colorful. Isn't it nice?

The Japanese design unit called DRILL DESIGN proposed these ideas for a paper company, and exposed at the show held in Tokyo last month.


This big block of the sample is worth to appreciate the detail of the sandwich structure. I just wanted to have it.


The wave part has somme color test and showed the sample at the show.


And so did the shape investigation like this cylinder. Very attractive.


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15 August 2018

summer graphics

Here are some graphics for hot summer days of Japan. Sunflower and morning glory are typical garden plants we used to seed and care during summer holiday when we were kids, so that we feel a kind of nostalgy to see even these simple graphics.


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10 August 2018


This botanical specimen is beautifully resin filled and the package says; Mt. Takao has about 1600 plant species grow wild, comparable to the species throughout the UK. Wow, what a diversity. Nippon Design Center which is led by Kenya Hara ( related page is here ) designed this.


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18 July 2018

amazing prototypes

The exhibition by the engineering laboratory of Tokyo University was held at their facility near Shibuya last month. The title of the show was Parametric Move, the prototypes of their resaerch project on movement were shown. This one below has a single micro motor with one time 3D-printed structure, and perfectry crawls around like a centipede. ( related page is here )


Thin nylon structure makes dynamic movement which changes its outline of the shape. I could not stop watching this for a while.


This prototype has flexible feet and makes elastic motion.


Amazing work is this SEER; Simulative Emotional Expression Robot by an artist Takayuki Fujido. The head moves toward a visitor and its eye contact was perfect due to its precise face tracking by a camera. Although the face only has a subtle movement of eyeballs, eyelids and eyebrows, it has surprisingly various expressions as if it has emotions.


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13 July 2018

bamboo package

This is the special package for single malt whisky called Yamazaki which is named after the place of the oldest distillery in Japan. I don't know how functionally this bamboo package really works, but it must be visually effective to appeal Japanese product and to emphasize it be manufactured carefully.


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01 June 2018

nodate coffee

Want to have a coffee outside? Like Nodate, open air tea ceremony? Then, here is a set of portable coffee maker from Snow Peak, the very popular Japanese brand for camping outfit. The company was originally for metal wares, so that they are very good at such kind of products. The coffee mill on the left hand side is so compact that it looks like the one for pepper, and the coolest one is the metal dripper which looks so mechancal.  ( related page is here )


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