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11 January 2019

green products

These colorful sticks are not chocolates, but rechargeable battery as its name suggests. The metalic green looks very fresh and attractive, although I don't know if it intended to imply ecology or not. The brand "eneloop" is originally designed by my friend who used be an in-house designer of SANYO, and it is owned by Panasonic now.


Here is another green product, the wooden chair from Tendo. The color is unusual in the market, but it catches our eyes.


These plastic containers are also in green, but they are matte. I am not sure if the color is the latest trend, but I believe these products would bring pleasant atmosphere in our room.


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02 January 2019

the man in the mist

Vague silhouette as if he or she is in the mist, and the black stripe emphasizes the depth which makes us feel confused. Very clever trick.


These works are by Terunobu Yanagihara who is known as a product designer. I think his inspiration is something special.


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28 December 2018

fire truck

This red truck is quite small and looks lugged.  It's hard to believe, but it is a mini fire truck. ( related page is here ) This car will be able to go through narrow streets or busy traffic in a city, and will work on rough roads, steep hills, even in the woods.


I don't know if the water tank has enough capacity for fighting fire, but it will work for the very first aid. The tank unit can be replaced to another module such as equipment storage or cargo box.


It's details are very functionally designed and looks cool. Do you want to have it for daily use?


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24 December 2018

merry illustrations

Lovely illustrations celebrate the Christmas time. These packages are for sweets shop, designed by Yoshie Watanabe ( related page is here ), the gray color is unusual for the season though.


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05 December 2018

good design lasts long

This boxy lounge chair has very simple structure, and the clever usage of the ply wood enables its back-rest flexible. The office of Kenzo Tange ( related page is here ) designed it together with the building of Kagawa prefectural office, amazingly approximately 60 years before.


Another good aspect of this design can be seen when they gathered in a row as pictured below. The shape of box makes them look alined naturally.


The semi-open shelf which is also done by them looks nice, although the green panel is a little old-fashioned today.


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30 November 2018

cut and try

Cut and try is the basic procedure of product design, but this designer visualized all his effort on the knife project.


His name is Keita Suzuki, a founder of the design agency called Product Desig Center. His exhibition was at the gallery in Kanazawa, and many kind of prototypes were on the table such as 2D print, 3D print, plastic, metal and so on.



And recently, I eventually saw the final product which was just released at a trade show. The brochuer is also nicely designed. Congraturations!


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02 November 2018

black and white

This simple package in black and white is for rice, washed rice and rice wine. Clean graphic perfectly fits these natural products.


Another black and white graphic is for a promotional giveaway of a premium airline Starflyer.


And this lovely graphic is a picture book for kids, titled A BAT.


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10 October 2018

bold dots

Here are unique graphics for a advertising poster, which have bold dot layout.


This one has retro impression, but is simply composed only with dots and thin lines.


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01 October 2018


This looks fine lace, but it's a sheet of paper which is precisely cut out by laser.


One of its application idea is a chocolate package. This elegant idea is done by Kenya Hara. ( related page is here )


And this needle work by female designer is amazingly using paper thread which is probably made by hand yarned. Just amazing.


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21 September 2018

Kiyoshi Seike

Kiyoshi Seike is an architect who was active in 1950's - 1980's. Pictures below are the reproductions of furniture he designed together with a private house in 1952. The wooden chest is accessible from both side that works as a space divider in the room. The design is very modern even now and looks like a miniature of architecture.


The Shoji sliding screens are also designed in modern way, floor to cieling format makes it simple and clean.


And here is the original concept for Tatami mats which floats on the floor and is movable.


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