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03 April 2024

lotus root

I know some people think it is weird but we Japanese eat lotus root. The poster pictured below is for promotion of the local vegitable and the unique caligraphy that we can read れんこん or lotus root is shaped a woman face. Can you read it?


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25 March 2024

blue bottle

A blue bottle, not the name of a coffee shop but a glass bottle for Sake. There must be a brand story behind this beautiful color and I can imagine the Sake has a clean taste, I am not a Sake drinker though. I want to keep only the empty bottle just for a flower vase in my room.


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15 March 2024

old advertising signs 

These are historic advertising signs that were made of metal plates. They are from the 1950's - 1970's, collected and well preserved by Masakatsu Itou. 




We call them 琺瑯看板 or HouRou-KanBan because the early ones had an enamel glass coating. I think these are also valuable as creations from the early days of Japanese graphic design.



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21 February 2024

Osamu goods

Osamu Harada is a famous illustrator who passed away in 2016. His works were strongly affected by American pop culture as of 1940's - 1960's. He created colorful and enjoyable characters as  OSAMU GOODS series and adopted them to hundreds of gadgets and products. Some of them are still on the market and very popular even now.




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02 February 2024

contrast in materials

This public space in the museum has metal walls with stripes which make there super cool.


And the wooden chairs successfully contribute to generate its attractive contrast in materials.


The chair itself is quite simple, only has slush rungs between legs which bring unique appearance in design.


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29 November 2023


This one below looks a motorbike at a glance, but you can find foot pedals when you see it carefully. I'm not sure the brand but it is a E-bike. Very cool, isn't it? ( related page is here )


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13 October 2023

vintage package

I happend to see vintage paper wrappings for soy sauce bottles. Naogen is a local brand of soy sauce and very popular even now. English text is printed together with Japanese on the natural paper, maybe for export purpose.


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09 October 2023


陰翳 ,InEi, is a series of lighting designed by Issei Miyake ( related page is here ) and manufactured by Italian brand Artemide. This one below is one of the biggest model which has about 2m in height hung from the ceiling. ( related page is here )


Its textured material looked like WaShi, Japanese paper, but it really is a recycled polyester made from PET bottles.


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29 September 2023


This digital clock is using Nixi tubes which are no longer in production. I don't know how old this clock is, but seems to be newly built. It's really a nice retro-future look.


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15 September 2023

spoke chair

This low chair is called Spoke Chair designed by Katsuhei Toyokuchi 60 years before. Its seat height is quite low to fit Japanese lifestyle based on Tatami mats that was gradually westernizing at the time. Big rounded cussion with a spoke wooden back brings modern feeling and makes unique appearance, not only as the mid-century design movement but even now.


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